Friday, July 25, 2008

...beautiful story...

i've been reading a blog lately which has been unexplainably comforting... hope giving... beautiful. 
its amazing how God can use stories from all across the world to bring hope and life. This is His church isn't it. All as one, building His kingdom and strengthening the hearts of His people, sometimes through His people. 


so to you who watch:: may her story do the same for you:: as i'm sure it will x

her blog::

the video::


Anonymous said...

I think this blog may help you as well:

Reading it has helped me tremendously.
Also an amazing woman. :)

**shoe junkie** said...

stumbled upon your blog after watching your testimony and song, (desert song on youtube) that song has become my anthem as I too have been experiencing a journey I call "exquisite agony". a journey of brokenness. the difference is that my journey began at the hand of my own failings and mistakes. whatever road brought us there the words that come to mind are from Rita Springers song "worth it all". Jesus is enough. easy words to type. supernatural to live. i pray His amazing blessings on you. His perfect journey for your family and you personally. you have blessed and touched many already and know you will continue to do so with your real, gentle and humble spirit. i love that you are willing to share your vulnerability in a blog. i have done so myself. it's been quite the "vent space" on certain days but most of all it celebrates jesus. i've entitled it Redemption. His grace is enough!

paola in Victoria,Canada