Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a Love.

I am sitting in my living room, on my big comfy white chair (my favorite place to place my bottom and write anything from grocery lists to blogs) and maizey is sleeping in her room. These moments are sacred; these moments are quiet... hallelujah! Hah!

Its also in these moments that I remember how much I longed for little footsteps to thump around my home, and giggles and cries to penetrate the silence I was in. I am so thankful for these quiet moments, but I am always so thankful for the noise as well.

This morning I was overwhelmed to write. The Spirit of God was pressing on my heart my absolute need for Him. My need when my season is, in my eyes, one of fruitfulness and when it is barren. My confession must always be the same... more of you, less of me. The moments when I come alive are when His breath is running through every vein of my being... seeping from every pore of my body. The moments in either season when I feel like I've lost purpose or I am crumbling under the weight of my longing or loss are the moments when I forget or can't get my heart to be even strong enough to confess my need of Him. He is the ONE thing always neccessary to move forward. What love He has for us... Jesus is always our answer, and He always makes Himself available. He welcomes us as we are, no matter how long its been. He never punishes us by holding back His presence because we have failed to faithfully come, but welcomes us the same again and again. What love, what grace.

I felt the need to write that this morning. So whoever you are that needs this... its time to turn to Jesus. He is your answer. He is available. You don't need to know what to say, or how to come, just seek Him. Tell Him you need Him. He will always be there.


In other news... things I'm absolutely loving at the moment:::

Bethel Music - The Loft Sessions
Kari Jobe - Where I Find You

My favorite morning is a cup of coffee/tea, my bible & one of these albums playing ... nothing better for the soul...