Friday, August 20, 2010

home is where.


Home is where the heart is.

short and sweet... but as a girl thousands of miles from my family... i just was loving that thought today.


oh and you seriously leave the most wonderful ...lovely... encouraging comments. some at the most appropriate of times. pretty amazing. so thanks!!


Julianna Morlet said...

love love love your blog and sweet words of encouragement and wisdom :) I was wondering if you would be willing to be a guest blogger feature on my site. Your music and stories have touched me and lifted me up in the most desperate times. Kinda wanted to share that with the world :)

you can contact me @

Thank you and much love.


{ erin } said...

i needed this simple reminder today. I just (as in, this week) moved to another state for seminary, faaar away from family, friends, my church, everything familiar. I don't know a soul here, and it is a little lonely so far. I know God will bring me people and comfort especially as classes start and I find a church, but at this moment, I needed the reminder that I am NOT alone, and although loved ones are far away physically, they have never been more near in my heart.