Thursday, March 18, 2010

hackett to my soul.

what a week.

all i can say at this point is that an amazing worship cd will get you through times of joy and times of brokeness and if you're looking for one try this one:::

Laura Hackett.

i can't turn it off... or even down...

phew.... LOVING IT.

she sings to my soul. the Spirit of God was so present and full as this blasted thru my house.

i've been soaking up the Nov 2009 album, some favorites::: Beautiful Mercy & There's a Gap.

hope you enjoy xx


Michael said...

Hi Jill

Thank you so much for this blog. I downloaded the album - and it's unlocked my spirit. I have Lou Gehrigs, and was in a dark place, as you'll understand. Laura is inspired, I believe. Her songs are so real and so tender, they just have melted something in me. I wish I could go to IHOP, but listening is the next best thing.

I have a big thing to ask YOU. A mum in South Africa and I have written a book which is being published later this year, called 'I Choose Everything - Embracing life (even when things don't make sense)'. I have quoted 'Desert Song' (for which I have permission), but would also like your permission to quote from this blog. It is very personal, but such a powerful testimony. Would you allow me to, please? God bless you.

Michael Wenham, Oxfordshire, England

Navina said...

Hi there,

I am a fifteen year old who lives in England. I just wanted to say I follow your blog and have been really blessed by your song "We the Redeemed" and the anointing it carries, on the new album. It has influenced me alot when I write my music and daily in my life. My family and I are avid fans of Hillsongs since 2000, Shout to the lord and the your music is a real blessing. Praise His name and thank you for your music.

God Bless