Tuesday, December 16, 2008

what a day.

AH! Look outside.... the sun is blazing... beautiful blue skies... green leaves... warm air... summer is here! Welcome, oh welcome beautiful summer. I am so glad you have arrived. I promise to be a sunscreen carrying, fruit eating, bbq loving summer patron. 



Elisabel said...

How lovely, considering we are having -19F weather. But I guess it couldn't be Christmas without snow here. blessings<><

karem Alarcón said...

Hi Jill
Since Christmas is approaching, the time we remember the best gift anyone could give us: Jesus was born and gave his life to save us.
Merry Christmas and blessings for you and your family

karem Alarcón said...
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sj. said...

I love how honest-to-God transparent you are about your struggles and the pain and yet your heart trusts in God.

I've been constantly inspired when I read the words you write. My life has been impacted.

I am praying that God will grant you and Matt the desire of your heart to have another bubba too.

Thanks Jill for sharing.

Much love.

Renny said...

Jill, I recently came upon your testimony. Just want to let you know-- be encouraged in Christ, let his Spirit renew you daily, and may his blessings follow you all the days of your life.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I also recently saw your testimony. I also recently lost my baby boy at 31 weeks pregnant. I also sung the Desert Song at church the sunday i returned without knowing your testimony. Thank you for your blog and being open about all that happened. It is a blessing for me and an encouragement to get me through these difficult days.

Stacy V.