Thursday, November 20, 2008

a song plays.

well, its been a while. 

there's lot of things that God is doing ... a lot of decisions we've been making and a lot of things happening that are still to fresh to share. God is true to his word and is restoring although some of these days  end up being so trying on my heart.

the song playing is recorded in the roughest way. garage band in my living room. put down 5 minutes after written. generally not a good idea to post these songs to the world. hear my heart in it... 
this journey has been raw and real the whole way through. this song was born a few minutes ago as i was sitting on the couch having a good cry... not understanding at all what God is doing right now... having no other option but to listen for the Holy Spirit... wait for His voice... and trust that he's here in my living room... speaking and comforting my broken and needy heart... strengthening me... and for the next few hours, just letting me rest in Him... 

Have my heart

Take my life

I will not live for myself 

For You my Lord

I give my life

Jesus Christ, where I am found

You now mend

And restore

My sight and sound fallen so far

Strength to stand 

In You alone

Ever you are in my heart 

Joy of the morning 

Lover of mercy 

You are the Strength of my heart

God of all freedom 

Consuming fire 

You are the Strength of my heart 

Poor and Needy 

at your table 

Provider, Sustaining Friend

I shall never lack in favor 

You are strong in everything 

Joy of the morning 

Lover of mercy 

You are the Strength of my heart

God of all freedom 

Consuming fire 

You are the Strength of my heart 


Jenny said...

Hey. That song is beautiful. You can hear your heart in it and the lyrics just say so much. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. It's truly moving and faith building. Blessings, J xox

Anonymous said...
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blaire said...

beautiful. i needed this push today.

i can't begin to explain what your story has done in my life, Jill. thank you again, for your vulnerability, and sincerity in this walk of life ... your honesty is not in vain ...

Elisabel said...

It's such a comforting and moving song, it's beautiful. Very taken by it, I heard it two days ago and it keeps playing randomly in my head and I become lead to humm it and sing the few words I memorized, so I thought I'd let you know it's wonderful.


Jason and Kristin said...

Beautiful song, Jill. Thanks for sharing. You are often in our thoughts and prayers. Kare tells us often of the fun times you guys have! Blessings,

Lenny said...

Hello Jill,

I looking to buy the song you posted here..but for some reason don't let me.

Your brokenness it really get deep into my spirit and bring me to worship.

Thanks for sharing with us!

- Lenny Flamenco
Lakewood Church - Houston, TX

Elizabeth said...

I've got to say that this song is was beautifull.I could truly feel your heart through this. And it's all true...Jesus, You are the strenght of my heart...
I have to say that the way God's been working in your live really moves me. And He is faithfull, in every season.
Thank you for sharing all this.