Friday, November 21, 2008

and i'm up

its true huh. joy comes in the morning... somehow... someway... (well... its God i know, but i don't understand how it happens)... 
spent a lot of time yesterday just listening. waiting. trying to calm my soul. then letting God do it. ha. amazing how just letting go of the hurt and letting Him take it brings rest. 
i woke up this morning and peace was so present - a beautiful harbour morning... the water calm... sky blue... and sun shining. i do realise that not every morning after a day of struggle is beautiful and blue... but this morning was. stunning. 
i just made a cup of coffee, and i thought on a bit of a random note i'd share that i am officially addicted to soymilk. now i realise that this is way behind the 8 ball compared to everyone else who seems to 
have tried it and hated or loved it but none the less decided on one or the other, but I was just taking my time choosing. I was hanging with my good friend Jo tuesday and her beautiful little girl Mia and we took to a coffee shop called "The Avenue" in Mosman... and i had a soy latte... and i reckon it was the best coffee i may have ever had in my life. I loved it so much Wednesday i made a trip across the bridge and enjoyed another... and Jo so generously gave (along with a heap of other things) a box of "bonsoy" (see photo =)  
...and i've been using it all week... its amazing. i'm in LOVE with it. apparently she says that its probably the best one... so i'm just sticking with it. i'm not quite soy adventurous enough to try another brand yet. 

 x x x x 


karem Alarcón said...

recently that I know of God, and while searching the Web I found your blogs, and for several days I have read your testimony gives me strength to not pass out, I give thanks to God for your life and ask him to bless you and lift Day after day, so your testimony that others would know the love and mercy of God.

karem Alarcón said...

I only fear one thing .... a day away from God
I've been dealing with alot things lately but this testimoney has really opened my eyes... God is bigger than every problem and to Jesus be the glory!

I give thanks to God for your life and ask him to bless you very much for you to be witness to his love and mercy


Bonsoy is the best! I am with you there. Divine in banana smoothies too.

Tamatha said...

Soy huh? each their own. I suppose...if I had a Tim Tam to enjoy with my soy latte....I suppose I would still enjoy it.

For years we were unable to get them in Canada...but just today I found them in Wal-Mart!:o) Ate two of them today with coffee.:o)