Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the movements of your heart


I was just reading this morning from "The Ransomed Heart" ... its a collection of devotional readings from the best selling works of John Eldredge and was LOVING this chunk of one of his books... 

The Movements of Your Heart

All sorts of awful things can seem to issue from your heart – anger, lust, fear petty jealousies. If you think it’s you, a reflection of what’s really going on in your heart, it will disable you. It could stop your journey dead in its tracks. What you’ve encountered is either the voice of your flesh or an attempt of the Enemy to distress you by throwing all sorts of thoughts your way and blaming you for it. You must proceed on this assumption: your heart is good. If it seems that some foul thing is at work there, say to yourself, Well then – this is not my heart. My heart is good, I reject this. Remember Paul in Romans 7? This is not me. This is not me. And carry on in your journey. Over time you’ll grow familiar with the movements of your heart, and who is trying to influence you there.

            We do the same with any counsel or word that presents itself as being from God, but contradicts what he has said to us in his written Word. We walk with wisdom and revelation. When I hear something that seems really unwise, I test it again and again before I launch out. The flesh will try to use your “freedom” to get you to do things you shouldn’t do. And now that the Enemy knows you are trying to walk with God and tune in to your heart, he’ll play the ventriloquist and try to deceive you there. Any “word” or suggestion that brings discouragement, condemnation, accusation = that is not from God. Neither is confusion, nor any counsel that would lead you to disobey what you do know. Reject it all, and carry on in your journey. Yes, of course, God needs to convict us of sin, warn us of wrong movements in our soul – but the voice of God is never condemning (Romans 8:1), never harsh or accusing. His conviction brings a desire for repentance; Satan’s accusation kills our hearts (2 Corinthians 7:10).            

(Waking the Dead, 105-6)



natalie said...

great stuff I will probably check that book out. Here's a poem from a book I'm reading thought you might like it.

Oh, Soul, on the highway, from earth unto glory
Surrounded by mysteries, trials, and fears;
Let the life of thy God, in thy life be resplendent;
For Jesus will guide thee, thou need’st never fear

For if thou wilt trust Me, I’ll lead thee and guide thee
Through the quicksands and deserts of life, all the way.
No harm shall befall thee; I will only teach thee
To walk in surrender with Me day by day.

For earth is a school to prepare thee for Glory;
The Lessons here learned, you will always obey.
When eternity dawns, it will be only the morning
Of life with Me always, as life today.

Therefore, be not impatient, as lessons thou’rt learning;
Each day will bring gladness and joy to thee here;
But heaven will reveal to thy soul, of the treasure
Which infinitude offers, through ages and years.

For thy God is the God of the earth and the heavens;
And thy soul is the soul the He died for to save;
And His blood is sufficient, His power is eternal
Therefore rest in thy God, both today and always.

take care and God bless : ) : )

Elisabel said...

This is lovely. I just finished reading "Captivated" by John and Stasi Eldredge and I loved it. I saw Ransomed Heart on a shelf at the supermarket, I think I will pick it up next time.

Julie at Ransomed Heart said...

Hi Jill,

Thank you for your post-we love that you included a daily reading on your blog! If you haven't heard it yet, we think you would really like the audio teaching, "The Four Streams," by John. Check it out and other resources offered by Ransomed Heart at

We are grateful to have you as our ally,

Julie for the team at Ransomed Heart

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill!

You don't know me... I actually live all the way in Los Angeles, CA!

I must tell you, first, (and I hope this isn't weird), but I watch your "Desert Song" and "This is Our God" videos on youtube like, everyday at work... the anointing in your voice just moves me to tears!

Anyway, I want to thank you for this blog entry... I'm 24 years old and in full-time ministry, and sometimes I have the hardest time trying to express the things I'm dealing with... even to God... because I don't always understand them myself. But today, the Lord heard the cries of my heart that I couldn't even speak... and answered them through you!

Thanks so much!


Tamatha said...

That sounds like a great book!