Sunday, August 3, 2008

in my heart.

there are so many things i know in my head so well that have yet to fully filter down in to my heart. its funny how some days reminds you of that. its not enough to just have knowledge... that only makes you a library... it must be written on our hearts. the word of God, it can't be just notes in a journal, lyrics or melodies in song, but it must be written on our very hearts. 

just a thought. 

today i'm enjoying amazingly hot weather in asia and missing my matty in sydney. going to be missing summer something fierce come tuesday... 


Faye said...

I´m not sure, but I have the feeling that i offended you in some way with my last entry. This is not what i was supposed to do! I know that the word of God has to be written in our hearts, every single word of it. but sometimes words or lyrics like this just help me to describe my feelings and prayers i have.
So, sorry if i made you mad or something.

jill mccloghry said...

Not at all, just leaving a thought i had this morning... not in relation to your encouraging and lovely comment xoxo

yee ha0 said...

Hi Jill, I'm from Singapore, been really blessed by you guys and the Parachute band leading the praise and worship for the Festival of Praise. Truly God is amazing! I felt really encouraged after watching your testimony on 'This is our God' documentary, that no matter what happens, be it good or bad, we still ought to give praise to God. Glad that you enjoyed the past couple of days here.

Yee Hao.

Them Chandlers said...

Hey girl....I happened upon your myspace and found your blog. I have been so blessed to hear your story and listen to desert song. In the past year I've had two miscarriages. Never had happened before...never knew it could happen after two healthy babies. Who knew what the Lord would have in store for us...the songs He would write on our hearts...when we were sitting around Christy's table over three years ago, eating and sharing our stories. I am so blessed to know you, girl. Think about you often.


p.s. I love your aussie accent :)

JennyM said...

I just want you to know that I was strenghtened by your story.

I am thinking someone may have already told you, but you are now in The Company of men and women for whom grief and loss are the only criteria. The group for whom beloved and lost children are counted amongst those that they may have, but never actually are THERE.
You have earned the right, in your horrible pain, to speak to those for whom Christ is simply a word. To bring comfort to those who mock God and question His hand. I cannot imagine your pain, but I do have an understanding of it. We lost one child and I still, 7 years later, wonder what God was doing. I am thankful that He loves me and understands the crushed, broken heart of a parent who has lost a child. I am thankful the He has given us our other children to shower with all the love that I can.
When Steven Curtis Chapman held his daughter Maria, as she lay lifeless in his arms, he asked God to NOT ask this of him. That it was far too much for him to do, even for God to ask this was too much!! I wept through that interview, and I wept through Desert Song.
I am proud to call you my sister.